Emily Perry


I am a local self-taught painter and sketch artist. My recent work has focused on portraits of music artists I admire. In my portraits I aim to capture the persona and passion of the artist and to celebrate their contribution to music. (Mostly acrylic on canvas)

I also produce ink sketches about my own life and feelings. These sketches are based on mental illness, insomnia, anxiety and depression. I also sketch moments that represent the different emotions I experience in life, and try to reflect this in my self-portraits. I am very connected to my childhood and this is depicted in several of my sketches. I am influenced by children's book illustration such as Quentin Blake and John Tenniel and the style of my sketch illustrations reflects this. (Sharpie on watercolour paper)

I also have several political pieces which focus on capitalism, LGBT liberation, war and peace and other hard-hitting issues. (Range of media: mostly watercolour)


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