Andrew Aske


After graduating from Walsall School of art many years ago, I followed a career in advertising as a designer and illustrator, creating something new and different every day.

I eventually started my own business and became a family man, the urge to paint more was always there and the opportunity came at a local Arts and Crafts show, in which he achieved 1st and 3rd place, selling all the pictures on display. After that, he started doing commission work and has exhibited many times in the Midlands, including the RBSA gallery in Birmingham - with many of my works in private collections.

I have worked with all mediums, from pencil to watercolour, airbrush to oil paints. Working favourably with acrylics I try to brings passion, colour and movement into the images. Having now moved to the North East I am painting more personal images, I feel as if art has become a necessity in my life.

Life has always inspired my art, and art will always inspire my life.


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