Ellie Davison-Archer


Ellie Davison-Archer is a fine artist based in her hometown of Amble, Northumberland and Newcastle. Inspired by natural and botanical forms, Davison-Archer is drawn to their under appreciated, delicate nature which she then depicts through a meticulous drawing style or print based medium. Davison-Archer’s practice is focused around the notion of the overlooked and our rediscovery of the familiar by challenging our perceptions of natural form. By investigating the hidden detail of found objects, she aims to obscure their visual familiarity by creating macro representations transcended through meticulous drawing and fragmented compositions. The ambiguous outcomes challenge the point of origin and the act of looking, emphasising how our unique perceptions alter the image we generate. Object hierarchy and the notion of the replica are questioned through inspiration from museology and investigation, causing the work to oscillate between curiosity and scientific enquiry. Davison-Archer’s recent commercial work is an extension of her passion for collecting objects of natural form and depreciated beauty. Inspired by findings from the Northumberland coastline and countryside, Davison-Archer has developed her detailed observational drawings into screen printed textiles to bring the outdoors into the home interior.


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