Mick Brown


I've had an extremely diverse career and very briefly the chronology goes like this;

school.....because of my talents I was encouraged to paint and design the two large and fully functional stages. school performances were so successful the local press attended and it was used as a platform for drama students to gain access to the drama establishments of their choice.

The techniques I learned brought me on rapidly the large mark making and scale of the art helped me get into mural painting and grafitti at an early age.

I then drifted into graphic design when it was still a 'craft' and a skill I became an originator and paste up artist I then went freelance.

I carried on painting and selling through the 80's & 90's until opening my own studio out in Derwentside in 2000 this was a community access studio which I managed and funded largely out of my back pocket occasionally sourcing funding for projects.

the word was out and during this time I found more and more vulnerable adults were coming to me for specialist help I was able to assist and support them reengaging with their communities through their art this was extremely successful and ran for 20 years.
During this time my own reputation grew and my painting rapidly developed as the more people I mixed with affected my own art.

I also began getting a lot of requests from large Northern charities and began donating my work to help with fundraising which I still do to this day, my work hangs in several Northern hospitals and I have contributed thousands of pounds over the years.

I have been featured in many local newspapers, magazines, and have travelled extensively demonstrating technique in colleges.

I now collaborate with a fashion designer forming our own label and we design and handmake wearable art and accessories its all very exciting.

My work is completely spontaneous and raw I work from memory and waking dreams I do occasionally have to use photographs when working on some private commissions if the client wants a likeness or a particular landscape but I am always pushing boundaries my work never stays the same and is continually in a state of revolution I like to leave a lot to the imagination I like to make sure people see something new in the work everytime they look at it especially in changing light etc.


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