Derek Anderson


My name is Derek Anderson and I am a metal sculptor based in the north-east of England. I completed a silversmithing degree in Sheffield in the 1980’s and have spent the past 30 years expanding and refining my skills in working with metal. My resulting artwork combines the passion and creativity of an artist with the precision and artistry of a silversmith.

My sculptures are produced using a method known as direct sculpting where I take a flat piece of sheet metal and, with precision hammer blows, manipulate the metal into various forms and structures. I use hammers as my tool of choice, as a painter would use brushes, to allow me to create 3D forms. Most of the hammers I use have been adapted or created by myself, using blacksmithing techniques, and are developed specifically for the different pieces of work. Thus, each piece is totally unique.

Whilst most of my pieces are one-offs, I occasionally produce small numbers of multiples but as each is individually hand-forged, no two pieces will be identical. I use a variety of materials including brass, copper, steel, and silver combined with wood and stone. I take a lot of my inspiration from nature, from smaller floral pieces to larger animal heads, although some pieces are more abstract.

I do not cast or batch produce my work - every piece is individually crafted by myself alone and is therefore personal and exclusive.


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